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Monday, 03.06.19 to Tuesday, 04.06.19 - Geneva, Switzerland | 2019, Human Rights and Development | Event

Expert Workshop on Integrating Human Rights in Nationally Determined Contributions

All governments are obligated to respect, protect and fulfill human rights. The Paris Agreement affirms that governments should respect, protect and...

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Monday, 27.05.19 - Room V, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland | 2019, Employment and Social Policy, Trade and Development | Event

Global Inequalities and Unsustainability - A Conversation with Lucas Chancel

Economic inequality and environmental degradation are among the greatest policy challenges of our time. Properly understanding global inequality...

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Monday, 13.05.19 to Friday, 17.05.19 - Geneva, Switzerland | 2019, Trade and Development | Event

FES-WTO Seminar for English Speaking Journalists from Africa/Asia Specialized in Trade and Economic Issues

What exactly is the World Trade Organization and what is it not? How does the multilateral trading system work? What are the most current developments...

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Monday, 06.05.19 to Friday, 10.05.19 - Geneva, Switzerland | 2019, Human Rights and Development | Event

2019 Training Course for NHRIs on International Human Rights Mechanisms

The training was organized jointly by FES, OHCHR, the Global Alliance of NHRIs and UNITAR. It was developed especially for junior staff of National...

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Monday, 08.04.19 to Friday, 12.04.19 - Geneva, Switzerland | 2019, Peace and Security Policy | Event

Building Capacities for Effective Implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty

For the fourth year in a row, FES Geneva supported the training course “Building Capacities for Effective Implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty” of...

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Saturday, 23.03.19 - 13:00-15:00pm, UNECA Ministerial Conference, Marrakesh, Morocco | 2019, Trade and Development | Event

Digital Trade in Africa: Implications for Inclusion and Industrialization

Whilst the digital economy is being felt across the continent, there exists a substantial digital divide between African countries and the rest of the...

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Friday, 01.03.19 - Geneva, Switzerland | 2019, Human Rights and Development | Event

Guiding Principles on Human Rights Impact Assessments of Economic Reform Policies

Following the presentation by the Independent Expert on foreign debt and human rights of the guiding principles for human rights impact assessments...

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Monday, 04.02.19 - Geneva, Switzerland | 2019, Employment and Social Policy | Event

Financing Social Protection for All

Members of the Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors held a strategy meeting on financing social protection for all in the run-up to various...

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Monday, 21.01.19 to Friday, 01.02.19 - Geneva, Switzerland | Human Rights and Development, 2019 | Event

32nd Session of the Universal Periodic Review

During the 32nd session of the Universal Periodic Review, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung supported civil society representatives of Chile and Uruguay in...

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