Employment and Social Policy

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Decent work for all is not a slogan for us. It is our mission. We work together with a vast variety of stakeholders to achieve decent work for all; for the informal and formal sector, for women and men, for more and less advantaged. While we try to spread the concept of decent work across different fora of international Geneva, the ILO, trade unions, the Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors and various UN Special Rapporteurs are particularly close partners in this field. Recently, workers’ exposure to hazardous substances has been addressed in our projects and we are keen to look at the future of work.

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Tomorrow's world of migration and mobility

Geneva, 2017

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Goals for the rich

indispensable for a universal post-2015 agenda ; discussion paper
Berlin, 2015

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Panizzon, Marion

Trade and labor migration

GATS mode 4 and migration-agreements
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